Wildly Original #238 link party

It's party time again!

My creative tribe is often looking
for the perfect digital clip art for
scrapbooking, invitations, printables and more.

Rustic Pear clip art by I Gotta Create!
Rustic Pear clip art by I Gotta Create!

These are brand new in the shop!

Now, let's jump into this week's party...

Rustic Pears and Lettering Clip Art

Another beautiful collection
of clip art for you to use any time of year!

The Rustic Pears clip art collection 
is based on my photography of my
Pear Tart and Pear Butter recipes,
which you can grab HERE.

These little pieces of art are 
warm and wonderful for creating 
cards, kitchen decor,
recipe and menu items,
scrapbooking and so much more!

Wildly Original #237 link party


Thrifted Pedestal Makeover by Simply Beautiful by Angela

Welcome to this week's party inspiration
and a new month.

Are you ready for the 
coming up just for printables?

You still have time to develop your theme and design:
 back-to-school, teacher appreciation
friendship, Autumn
morning inspiration, kitchen

I can't wait to see your creative spin!
Get the rules for joining HERE.

Speaking of that: here are this week's features:

Pumpkins, Gourds and Squash clip art

Rustic Fall Autumn Gourds Pumpkins and Squash Digital Clip Art by iGottaCreate!

Soon there will be a crispness in the air
and time to celebrate Autumn!

I loved painting these beautiful
pumpkins, gourds and squash
and then playing around with them digitally
to create some high quality,
handsome digital clip art for you!

They're on sale now
so grab them for INSTANT download!

Just $3 at my Etsy shoppe! 

Welcome Fall printable from clip art by I Gotta Create!
Welcome Fall printable made from clip art by I Gotta Create!

See how you can pair it up
with other clip art packages I offer?
You can create beautiful, one of a kind
printables, cards, scrapbook pages,
and more!

For personal use only or contact me
if you'd like a commercial license.

Visit my Etsy and grab it for

Wildly Original #236 link party

But FIRST, you are Invited to the
Big Cup Printable Challenge!

Share your art and graphic design talent
by creating a printable using my
heart mugs and teabag clip art.

Find out about the details and prizes HERE.

Now, two more features before we jump in to the party:

Wildly Original #235 link party

I'm so glad you're here
to party again this week.

Great eye candy from last week-- eh?!

Before we jump to this week's party,
I want to invite you to the
Big Cup Printable Challenge!

Big Cup Printable Challenge by I Gotta Create!

Share your art and graphic design talent
by creating a printable using my
heart mugs and teabag clip art.

Find out about the details and prizes HERE.


The Big Cup Printable Challenge rules!

Put YOUR creativity
and design skills to work with the 
Big Cups Challenge!

I like Big Cups printable creativity challenge by I Gotta Create! | Visit blog for the rules.

You probably know that when you sign up for my newsletter, you receive a special
free printable from me.

I like Big Cups printable and creativity challenge by I Gotta Create! | Visit blog for the rules.

Now I want to see what YOU can create
with the adorable 

Here are the rules:

Join the Big Cup Printable Challenge!
     Design your own printable using my clip art Heart Mug and clip art Heart Teabags. Put your unique style and spin on it --the sky is the limit! You can use the words "Big Cups" in your theme or change it up and chose any quote that suits you. Plus, use whichever clip art color scheme appeals to you (3 to chose from)!

You must include somewhere on your design in small, legible print: "Clip art mugs and teabags by I Gotta Create!" Also, be sure to sign your artwork, or put your logo or brand on the printable you create.

Share YOUR printable at the Big Cups Link Party!
     Post your work on your own website or instagram. (I'd sure appreciate a link to my website, too.) Tell your friends and followers about the challenge and your approach to it.

Then get ready to share your printable at the Big Cups link party that will start August 1st. A link party enables people to see your work and come visit you! You will meet other creatives and be able to visit them, too.

Prizes:  Get featured at I Gotta Create! 
     The person with the most 'votes' or clicks to their website from the Big Cups Link Party will receive an extensive feature on my blog. 30,000+ people visit I Gotta Create on a slow month, and more than quadruple that on busy months. I will also give you a shout-out on my other social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

More Prizes:  Get free clip art! 
     The person with the most 'votes' or clicks and the runner up will receive a free clip art set from my Etsy shop.

Special Subscriber Discount. 

     Since you must use my Heart Mug and Heart Teabag clip art in your design, you can get one whole set for just $1 at my Etsy to make joining the challenge easy and affordable. 

How to get the discount:  All my newsletter subscribers will receive the discount coupon code in an email from me, so check your email! I will not be able to respond individually to requests for the discount code. Only subscribers to I Gotta Create! are eligible for the discount.

If you're signing up as a new subscriber, be sure to open your initial email from me to trigger your discount code email the next day.

If you're an existing subscriber, you'll receive your code between July 17 and July 31 in the August newsletter. If you haven't received the code by July 31, check your spam or you may need to subscribe again, in case you've unsubscribed or gone dormant.

Additional Agreements. Since you will be using my clip art, you may not sell or use the design to create products. All my Etsy policies apply. You may give away your printable as long as you maintain the small, legible print on your design crediting the clip art to me.

I like Big Cups printable creativity challenge by I Gotta Create! | Visit blog for the rules.

Big Cups Party. The party will stay open the month of August and winners will be announced and featured in September, a higher-traffic month!

Remember, you have a range of color options for your printable-creating pleasure by using one of these three sets:

I like Big Cups creative printable challenge by I Gotta Create! | Visit blog for the rules.
Cheery and Bright

I like Big Cups creative printable challenge by I Gotta Create! | Visit blog for the rules.
Soft and Sweet

I like Big Cups creative printable challenge by I Gotta Create! | Visit blog for the rules.
Jazzy Retro

I'm so excited to see what you create
from the 
Big Cup Printable Challenge 
here at I Gotta Create!

I like Big Cups printable creativity challenge by I Gotta Create! | Visit blog for the rules.

Grasshopper Explosion! digital clip art

Grasshopper Explosion Clip Art by I Gotta Create!

Grasshoppers explode like popcorn
as you walk through the lawn
in these waxing, hot days
of Summer!

Celebrate & mark your Summer
memories by scrapbooking
or creating party invitations
It's on sale for just $3 at my Etsy.

Grasshoppers in Gouache by I Gotta Create!
100 Day Project: Grasshoppers in Gouache by I Gotta Create! on Instagram

Check out my Instagram feed
for all the things that have been
inspiring me this summer!

And join in the link parties here on the blog each week on Wednesdays!

Wildly Original #231 link party

Hello, Friends!

We're back with the link party.

Hope your Summer is going swell!

Grasshopper Explosion Clip Art by I Gotta Create!

Just letting you know about some
new clip art at my Etsy shop.

Grab your Grasshopper Explosion Clip Art HERE!

Happy Earth Day

Just a quick greeting
to the Mother
that sustains us all!

May you enjoy her beauty
and bounty today.

Follow my celebration of nature:
100 Days of Things That Fly
project on Instagram

Rubber stamps used: 
Paper Inspirations “World Map,” 
Tin Can Mail (face), 
Inkadinkado (small wings)

100 Days Project

Are any of you taking part
in the 100 Days Project?

It's simple.
Choose an action and stick with it
for 100 days.

Ok, that's not always so simple as it sounds!

I invite you to pull up a chair and 
cheer me on. I can use the support!
Watch my 100 Days project over on Instagram.
100 Days of Things that Fly | art by I Gotta Create

I will be making some kind of art
related to that theme
every. single. day.

In this example, I created monarchs, 
the caterpillar and the milkweed that 
Monarchs feed on.  I drew a chair, 
made a pattern from the monarchs and milkweed, and put it on the chair.

I will not be able to be this
fancy every single day.
But I will strive to post something
related to my theme every day.

The idea is to
"do it for the process."
Show up every day and see what you learn.
Some days might not be perfect,
but do what you can.

So, pull up a chair and come
help me do this thing with your support and encouragement!

And if you're doing your own 100 Days Project, please let me know!

Wildly Original #222 Link Party

Aaannnnd we're back!

It's party time for
all you wildly creative peeps!

I took a bit of a break
only to come back salivating
at this treat left at the last link party:

Peanut Butter Popcorn by 3 Boys and a Dog

And here are a couple of crafts, too:

World Wildlife Day

Tiger painted in gouache by Christina at I Gotta Create | Support wildlife conservation

This year I will be posting
about things I believe in and support.
You and I--we create more than arts and crafts...
we create the world
we live in.

It is astonishing and disconcerting
 to realize that we are living with 
only HALF the population
of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians 
and fish that we had in 1970.

It is important to recognize that this 
actually puts humans at risk as well.

I want to live on a planet populated
by the awesome and glorious diversity
of animals that a power much greater
than us saw fit to create!
So, I painted this tiger in gouache
to celebrate World Wildlife Day.

Human consumption of animals--
whether killing for food or trophy--
and destruction of forests are the
biggest reasons for the alarming declines
in animal populations around the globe.

BUT...we can make a difference!
The wild tiger population increased
last year for the first time in conservation 
history due to the efforts of 
governments, communities, and NGO's.

We have power and we can use it for good.

Our awareness and financial support of these
efforts, reduction in eating meat,
reduced energy consumption, and
boycotting any exotic animal products
can help turn around this unsustainable
trend of destruction.

Find out more at the World Wildlife Fund.

and by the way...

The Wildly Original Link party
will start up again this week after
an extended holiday break!

Happy 2017!

Although we're on break
here at I Gotta Create
for the holidays,

We just want to wish you
a Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your
visits and support in 2016.